Centech Color Floppy Diskettes: The colorful solution to data organization

A small tribute to CenTech Floppies.



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It was 1991 when I received a set of these as a gift for my birthday and they immediately became the highlight of my collection. I used them every single day until 3 1/2 floppies and PCs took over the Atari world.

I found these floppies to be beautiful, rugged, and well… they were definitely easy to find among hundreds of black companions.


The drive was an Atari 1050, the computer: An Atari 800XL.

My very favorite programs were stored in these disks: I chose the red one to store my own creations in BASIC.


I remember using the green one as well when the red one started developing bad sectors (although not surprisingly since each of these was heavily used every single day).

I also remember that light brown was devoted to “The home filing manager”, where I retained a catalog of the other floppies.


These photos depict my current collection, although the original collection consisted of two of each of the following:

Red, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Green and Gray if I recall correctly, and two of each.


My current collection.

Anyway, 20 years later I started to look for the remaining ones on the surface of the planet and managed to get a hold of two sets, totalling 20 of these beauties.
I’m still trying to find a set that contains the colors I owned.


I always liked the photos they used for both ads and the cover of the box. I managed to try the setup myself!



Magazine Ad. Byte Magazine, Volume 11.Source: Archive.org.




Quick! Find the Accounts Receivable File.

Another Magazine Ad I was able to find in Byte Magazine from 1985. Byte Magazine, Volume 10. Source: Archive.org